Exploring South Korea: Uncovering 3 Exceptional Design Hotels for Your Autumn Escape

South Korea: Allure Unveiled

Ancient customs and modern attractions coexist together in South Korea, making it an appealing destination for tourists. This fascinating nation has a wide variety of lodgings, from the hectic streets of Seoul to the peaceful vistas of Jeju Island, for travellers in search of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Blackpink’s world tour finale performance, Seoul Fashion Week with NewJeans as global PR ambassadors, and the Seoul International Fireworks Festival are just a few of the star-studded events filling South Korea’s calendar as fall approaches. Now is the opportunity to do something really remarkable.

You can immerse yourself in centuries-old hanoks (traditional Korean houses) nestled within serene gardens, explore gallery-like interiors adorned with captivating art, or unwind in opulent retreats offering breathtaking ocean vistas. The choice is yours; all you need to do is select your preferred hotel from our carefully curated list.

1. Nostalgia, Gahoe-dong, Seoul: Embrace South Korea Tradition

Exploring South Korea: Uncovering 3 Exceptional Design Hotels for Your Autumn Escape

Traditional Charms of Hanoks

For an authentic immersion in Korean culture, there’s no better choice than a hanok, and Gahoe-dong in Bukchon boasts the only well-preserved historic Hanok village in Seoul. Within this storied enclave lies Nostalgia, an upscale Hanok hotel. The property showcases thoughtful design, blending symbolism and accessibility with its surroundings. Offering three distinct types of private hanok accommodations, each meticulously crafted by different renovation experts, Nostalgia promises a unique and exclusive experience.

Blue Jae: This hanok, constructed in the early 1900s and impeccably preserved ever since, features the same blue tiles as the Blue House of Korea.

Hidden Jae: Nestled at the end of an alley, Hidden Jae offers the thrill of discovering a new and unexpected space, adding an element of mystery to your stay.

Hillo Jae: Located in one of Bukchon’s Eight Scenic Views, Hillo Jae seamlessly blends traditional living spaces with refined artworks by renowned local contemporary artists.

Nostalgia also houses a dedicated Welcome Centre, ensuring a seamless experience for guests across different accommodations. Future plans include the opening of Slow Jae, offering a range of curated services, and Arc Jae, a spacious corner hanok that will double as both lodging and a venue for cultural events featuring prominent Korean artists.

2. Josun Palace: Luxury in the Heart of Gangnam

Exploring South Korea: Uncovering 3 Exceptional Design Hotels for Your Autumn Escape

Chic Elegance in Gangnam

Josun Palace, located in the vibrant heart of Seoul’s Gangnam district, stands as the first Luxury Collection Hotel introduced by Marriott International in Korea. Renowned design duo Humbert & Poyet, based in Monaco and Paris, lent their creative brilliance to the hotel’s exquisite design. Furthermore, seamlessly blending sophisticated modern aesthetics with timeless Korean design elements, they’ve created a visual masterpiece.

Upon entering the sumptuous Welcome Avenue, guests are greeted by the striking artwork “Blue Calcite Eroded Moses” by world-famous artist Daniel Arsham, setting the tone for an extraordinary stay. Both the hotel boasts 254 rooms and suites, all with magnificent city views. Moreover, these accommodations feature premium Simmons beds, exclusive Andrea linens by Italian house Frette, and bath amenities from Swedish brand Byredo’s Le Chemin collection, ensuring a luxurious and restful experience.

3. The Ambassador Seoul – A Pullman Hotel: Continuing a South Korea Tradition of Excellence

Exploring South Korea: Uncovering 3 Exceptional Design Hotels for Your Autumn Escape

Tradition Meets Modern Comfort

The Ambassador Seoul, now known as A Pullman Hotel, has been a prominent fixture in South Korea since its establishment in 1955, originally named Geumsujang as the country’s first private hotel. Centrally located in Seoul, it provides easy access to major tourist attractions. Following an extensive renovation in early 2022, this heritage hotel has been reborn. Obviously, its 264 modern Korean-style guestrooms and 40 villas take their design cues from Namsan’s four distinct seasons.

Upon entering the lobby, guests are welcomed by the captivating digital artwork “The Light of Geumgang,” a creation by renowned media artist Lee Lee-nam, a digital interpretation of a landscape painting by Joseon Dynasty artist Jeong Seon. The hotel offers luxurious suites with breathtaking views of Namsan N Tower, a prominent structure in Seoul. And then, there’s a Michelin-recommended restaurant (Hao Bin) offering traditional Cantonese cuisine by master chef Hou Deokjuk, and the hotel’s King’s buffet has foods from South Korea’s inaugural buffet in 1977.

Plan Your Autumn Getaway in South Korea

These exceptional design hotels in South Korea serve as the perfect starting point for your fall vacation. From quaint hanoks to cutting-edge 5-star hotels, each property promises a special and memorable stay. South Korea is a remarkable destination, offering diverse experiences for every traveler. Finally, enjoy the journey of discovery in this beautiful and multifaceted nation!

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