The new Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch is time to talk about it. We feel like we’re back in the good old days when we play this game. Find out why this old-school Mario RPG is getting so much attention.

Super Mario RPG first role-playing game

Okay, picture this: Super Mario RPG, the game that changed my life and made me a huge fan of video games. It has been almost 30 years, but now it’s back on the Nintendo Switch. The remake is like a magic spell; it brings back all the funny and unique characters that made the first movie so great.

A Journey You Know, But With a Twist

If you’re unfamiliar with Super Mario RPGs, then I want to welcome you. Made by Square Enix in the ’90s, this is a classic role-playing game. Just picture Mario-style action intercut with classic turn-based battles. It’s an ideal combination of games. Get ready for battles where you have to press buttons at the right time and have some fun platforming like Mario. It’s kind of like Final Fantasy mixed with Mario magic. – coin303

Easy-going adventure is the level of difficulty.

Let’s talk about how hard the game is now. It’s easy to get around, especially for kids and new gamers. You might be surprised by the boss fights, especially when you have to press those tricky buttons. Don’t worry, though; there’s an easy mode for kids. And for us experienced gamers, even though we miss a tougher challenge, there’s a cool adventure after the game with really tough bosses.

Speedy and Splashy are two game play upgrades.

The remake didn’t just bring back memories; it also made the game more fun to play. The battles are now more exciting because basic attacks that are timed now do damage to all enemies. When you press those buttons correctly, a meter fills up, letting your party use powerful attacks. It speeds up the game and adds a new level of strategy. Compared to the original SNES game, the Switch version is COIN33 light and fast.

Looks: A new look with a nostalgic feel

We say goodbye to the pre-rendered look of the 1990s! It looks like the original game, but with a modern twist. It’s like seeing an old friend who looks great now. Oh, the music! The first soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura is there, but you can also choose a fully remastered one. Shimomura added extra magic to her already great work, which is why I stuck with the new songs.

Too Much Nostalgia: A Crazy Mario World

Some people might not like how simple Super Mario RPG is, but it does exactly what it sets out to do: bring back memories and give us a relaxing RPG experience. The adventure is very unique, and the fighting system is very well known. This game stands out as a unique and fun gem in a world of Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. The fun mood goes well with the slightly off-brand Mario world, making the ride unforgettable. – coin303

Solid Gold Classic is the winner.

The way you play Super Mario RPG may be a little different from mine, but this remake made me feel like I had found a solid gold classic again. It’s more than just a return; it’s reliving the best parts of a gaming era. Prepare to embark on a journey through Mario’s RPG history; the journey is certainly worth it! – coin303

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