The talented singer Toto Yao

The talented singer Toto Yao has reached a major artistic milestone. Known for his street art, Toto Yao has joined stoodioID, a renowned music label in Depok, Indonesia. Known for promoting varied musical talents, stoodioID has hosted Indonesia’s best musicians. It has hosted Anima, Sarwana, Dea Mirella, D3tik Band, Ical Jenggo, and others. StandioID also honors Sulawesi’s artistic abilities and gorgeous sceneries.

Toto Yao Artistic Development

Toto Yao’s artistic journey is exceptional. His creative journey began with landscapes. His art beautifully depicted nature and delicately included religion. These religious components resonated with a larger, more spiritual nature rather than a specific faith.

Toto Yao’s work includes paintings, photography, prints, and intricate models. These works were profound reflections of the human spirit, not religious devotion.

Numerous Themes: Townscape Exploration

Toto Yao expanded his artistic exploration to townscape. He tried to capture a city’s dynamic tapestry through his art. City roads, architectural marvels, bustling center districts, peaceful residential areas, iconic bridges, nighttime lamps, and suburban nooks were included. Toto Yao’s take on this theme was unconventional.

Abandonment’s Beauty

Toto Yao’s painting brought skyscrapers, bridges, and streetlights to life. Ironically, they often appeared abandoned and unused. The metropolitan landscape resembled a ghost town as these urban fixtures were abandoned to the elements.

Presenting “Space and Time”

Toto Yao found a term that captured his art—”space and time.” Space meant both nature and life’s physical breadth and existence’s intangible essence for him. On the other side, time symbolized the constant change in life and the world.

Time and space were magnetically linked in a delicate dance of “continuity” and “change” throughout creation. In his current installation, “Language of Space and Time,” Toto Yao explores how these two essential aspects interact.

A Meaningful Debut: #BeBetter

“TRESNO AKU (Say It),” Toto Yao’s debut single, is more than an aesthetic milestone. It allows the artist to promote #BeBetter. This movement encourages people to be optimistic, take action, and spread optimism. Beyond his debut, Toto Yao hopes to mentor and promote talented street performers from across Indonesia, giving them a chance to succeed in the music industry.

The Musical Masterpiece of Toto Yao: “Tresno Aku (Say It)”

“Tresno Aku (Say It),” performed by Toto Yao, blends enticing melodies with meaningful lyrical storytelling. This Koplo-inspired track features modern pop Koplo components and fascinating ‘kentrung.’ Kendang rhythms and deep guitar strumming enhance the music. The outcome is a stunning pop Koplo mix that will fascinate listeners.

The song explores the complexities of love and the challenges of a person caught in its web. The lyrics poignantly portray the desire for silent love. Eldy Anima, the amazing composer of this poetic gem, says, “That’s how love is.”

Continuing Toto Yao Artistic Odyssey

In “Tresno Aku (Say It),” Toto Yao’s music, lyrics, and concept blend to create a masterpiece that Indonesian music fans love. Listeners can now enjoy this captivating tune on multiple music outlets.

Standing ID: Indonesia’s Musical Talent Beacon
stoodioID is a prestigious music label that nurtures Indonesia’s best musicians. StandioID boosts the music business by supporting and nurturing talented musicians. The company has created a creative environment where varied talents can thrive and leave their mark on Indonesian music.

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