Senior Software (Mobile) Engineer (2023)

Join us at the start of a new era in health care where technology is transforming how & where care is delivered, creating a more connected, effective care experience for all. Our mission at Signify Health is to build trusted relationships to make people healthier. We do this by transforming the home into a health hub through a combination of data, technology & people. We are building a unified technology platform for value-based care that is driving industry transformation by solving some of the most challenging problems in healthcare – this is where you come in!

Signify Health Ireland is a green field, Galway-based R&D centre looking for tech savvy individuals interested in embarking on a career that combines your passion for solving complex technology problems with purpose – careers at Signify Health offer the opportunity to apply your technology & problem-solving skills toward a mission that benefits others & makes life-changing positive impact on the members we serve every single day. We’re looking for problem-solvers, game-changers, innovators, dreamers, doers—people that are ready to move the needle and build on our success.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our people - combining creativity, innovation & passion. We fully champion inclusive culture and provide opportunities for growing, learning and leading that allows for the most impactful & rewarding work of our teams’ careers. We put our people first & we make sure they are taken care of both in and out of the office.

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As we reflect on our learnings and successes from remote work, we aim to provide dynamic, collaborative and flexible work environments for our teams & are actively designing our new state of the art, Galway based facility at Bonham Quay to support those objectives. Careers with Signify Health Ireland offer flexible work arrangements and individuals who live and work in the Republic of Ireland will have the opportunity to split their monthly work hours between our Galway office and telecommuting from a home-based office in a hybrid work model.

Job Description

As Senior Mobile Developer within the new Provider Workforce Platform Team at Signify Health Ireland, you will be a part of a new greenfield team that is being built to design, implement & operate anewProvider-facing application that will aid in the recruiting & onboarding of providers into the Signify Health network. This new product is pivotal to the overall company strategy of seamlessly matching providers with members & ensuring they have all the pre & post visit administrative support required to seamlessly conduct in-home health assessments allowing the providers to focus on what matters most -early identification of clinical conditions as well as social determinants that may require follow up care - thus creating a more connected, effective care experience for all

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If you’re passionate about mobile app development, want to help shape the direction of our next-generation features and products for our Doctors, and want to make a significant impact on the health and lives of thousands of people, then we have the perfect position for you!

We’re looking for a mobile app developer to help in the development and maintenance of our mobile apps. The developer will work closely with the business owners, product management, and the Signify Health engineering team during the entire product lifecycle, from concept to delivery and post-launch support.


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  • Develop your own technical designs as well as contribute & review technical designs from across your team.
  • Maintain & continually improve high standards of software quality by writing high-quality code.
  • Develop “best-in-class” engineering for our applications & services by ensuring that the services and the components are well-defined and modularized, secure, reliable, diagnosable, actively monitored and reusable.
  • Adhere to and drive modern software engineering practices through iterative design reviews, peer programming & frequent deployments
  • Ensure cross team collaboration with other Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Analytics and Architects in the planning, design, development, testing, and maintenance of web and desktop-based care management applications & backend microservices
  • System design through well-defined interfaces across multiple components, code reviews, leveraging data/telemetry to make decisions.
  • Consider testability, portability/monitoring, reliability, and maintainability, and understand when code is ready to be shared and delivered.
  • Partner with our quality engineering teams to write automated tests and expose test coverage issues, organize and implement integration tests, and resolve problem areas.
  • Coach and mentor Junior Developers on the team.
  • Assist with screening and interviewing to help build out a highly capable, diverse team.
  • Deliver value through a strong collaborative approach spanning diverse and remote team
  • Gain a working understanding of Signify Health’s businesses and collaborate with mentors and leaders in order to contribute to cohesive, end-to-end experiences for our users.
  • Be a strong partner to your product & user experience counterparts as well as other parts of the business
  • Focus on customer/partner needs through a data driven approach & designing this into the applications & services you build
  • Have Fun!


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Math, Engineering or related field, or completion of a Code/Developer academy program
  • Experience in developing and shipping high-quality mobile applications
  • 3+ years of experience with cross platform app development frameworks like React Native, Flutter Dart or ionic.
  • 5+ years of object oriented programming based development & Strong software engineering fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, async programming patterns, object-oriented design, parallel programming).
  • Understanding of the full development life cycle, SCRUM experience preferred
  • Like to design clean, reusable code, and create a culture around it
  • Iterate through fast development cycles
  • In-depth understanding of the cross platform technologies and its apps development ecosystem
  • Solid understanding of RESTFul APIs and Integrations
  • Hands-on knowledge of SQL like language
  • Experience with Automated Testing Tools and Unit Testing Tools
  • Flexible and able to successfully accept change and lead the charge
  • Hands-on experience developing and supporting reusable iOS components
  • Experience with consumer facing UI development
  • Understanding of the S.O.L.I.D principles desired
  • Ability to write well-abstracted, reusable and efficient code and correctly employ object-oriented design patterns
  • Have apps on app stores, a portfolio or a blog, and can share a link with us – desired
  • Extensive prior work with cloud-based systems, Azure experience preferred
  • Strong ability to review, and evaluate code
  • Experience with version control software & CI/CD
  • Experience with live site operations for large scale business critical services, DORA metrics etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and coach others - you can explain your work, you can ask good questions, you listen to your peers and your customers, and you like to give and receive feedback.
  • Clear and effective communications, be it when you provide feedback to your team, review technical design or code artifacts or explain complex technical issues to technical and non-technical colleagues across the business.

About Signify Health

Signify Health is helping build the healthcare system we all want to experience by transforming the home into the healthcare hub. Access to the home and primary care coordination are critical pillars to containing cost—Signify Health is a leader across both

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We coordinate care holistically across individuals’ clinical, social, and behavioral needs, creating a more connected, effective care experience for all. By building strong connections to primary care providers and community resources, we’re able to close critical care and social gaps, as well as manage risk for individuals who need help the most. This leads to better outcomes and a better experience for everyone involved.

Our high-performance networks are powered by more than 9,000 mobile doctors and nurses covering every county in the U.S., 3,500 healthcare providers and facilities in value-based arrangements, and hundreds of community-based organizations. Signify’s intelligent technology and decision-support services enable these resources to radically simplify care coordination for more than 1.5 million individuals each year while helping payers and providers more effectively implement value-based care programs.

We are committed to equal employment opportunities for employees and job applicants in compliance with applicable law and to an environment where employees are valued for their differences.

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To learn more about how we’re driving outcomes and making healthcare work better, please visit us


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