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Our Kindergarten Curriculum is designed for reading-ready children, those usually 4-6 years old with the ability to count to ten, print their names, recognize most letters, rhyme words, and segment sounds.

The primary goal of the Kindergarten Curriculum, of course, is learning to read. Additional goals of no less importance are: correct pencil grip, correct letter and number formation, and basic arithmetic, including counting, addition, subtraction, telling time, and counting money.

Click here to read Cathy Duffy’s Reviewof Memoria Press’ Complete Curriculums.

“Your Kindergarten has been an EXACT fit for my daughter. It is exactly what I needed/looked for in a complete program!” – Brittney

“I received my MP Kindergarten and have completed the first week. I am so pleased! What a fantastic program. I have been homeschooling and putting together my own materials for 7 years. And as picky as I am, I can honestly say that I could not have put together a better kindergarten program myself. This is a tried-and-true curriculum, and I am resting in knowing that I am giving my daughter the best!” – Angelina

Rod & Staff Arithmetic 1 is fabulous! … I absolutely love the combination of Bible stories with learning numbers, what great pegs to learn features on and grow with! The way they introduce learninghow to write numbers has also been fun.” – Margaret

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was the first “full grade package” I did with my youngest. We actually started her at age 4 and took 2 years to do this package…it was WONDERFUL!!! I had used bits and pieces of MP in the past and this was what started me to using ALL MP with all 4 of my children. Excellent!

    (Video) Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum
  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Kindergarten plans are with a week on a two-day spread so everything is clear and well seen. Having it in a spiral, now I can flip it back and do the half a week at a time without worrying about the pages coming out and that is delightful. The plans could essentially start at any time of year with a few tweaks to when you use which Enrichment week. As the plans are written they are for a Labor Day week start date (beginning of September), early October Christopher Columbus theme, late October for pumpkins, late November Thanksgiving, three weeks of a Christmas theme, and in my opinion three weeks of nocturnal reads for January, and then a groundhog’s story for early February. Lastly on this same schedule, it takes you onto an Easter read at the end of March or beginning of April, with spring reads that then take you and your student through May. Following this schedule loosely we still had plenty of breaks and time off as we chose or needed. Personally we had a skills hiccup that we opted to spend more time on and as of now we are and only [ETA: ended up] three weeks off from “our plan”. This is no bother to me and I am very satisfied with our progress in the Memoria Press plan!

    I’ve written a long series of review post on the entirety of Kindergarten:

    (Video) Memoria Press: Kindergarten | See inside the Curriculum Manual and Get Tips! | Homeschooling Option

    During this past year, we have covered Phonics, Reading & Printing (handwriting/penmanship), as well as part 1 (of 2) in Beginning Arithmetic, Bible Stories and prayers; 33 weeks of poetry, art, music, recitation, literature and related science and social studies topics. Essentially everyday consists of Recitation/Memory work, Phonics, and Math; while one day per week also includes copywork, literature, or social studies, science, and/or music, art, poetry. Be it review or new material, Memoria Press Kindergarten introduces students to the Alphabet (upper and lowercase letters) and Numbers from how to identify them and write them. We then continue on to learn to read from CVC, sight words, and decoding with both short and long vowels. As well as, the concepts of single digit addition (up to 6), subtraction (from 6), pennies, dimes, nickels, counting 1-100, telling time to the whole and half hour, and lastly a basic intro to fractions and ordinal numbers.

    The meat of this program is definitely reading, writing, and arithmetic with the icing of recitation, art, poetry, literature and other Enrichment.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    We have had one child complete M&P Kindergarten and one going through it now. I love how things flow together. You may be learning about Apples so you get to do an art project on apples, then you get to read books on apples, then you have an art card that has to do with apples. The teacher manual is layed out excellently and if you have any questions the customer service is outstanding! I have never been treated so well or received so much help from a curriculum company before!

  4. Rated 2 out of 5

    (Video) Home School Curriculum Review Enrichment Studies || Memoria Press Kindergarten

    stacylwhitaker (verified owner)

    I had high hopes for this kindergarten curriculum, but have been very disappointed in how it is laid out. The reading curriculum claims to be phonics based, when in reality it is simply a balanced literacy program—whole language with just a smattering of phonics thrown in the mix. There is not enough phonological awareness built into the program. The pace moves far too quickly to allow for mastery. The mathematics portion of the curriculum gives no regard for children actually understanding the concepts presented.

    The literature and enrichment portions are wonderful as are the relationships we’ve built in our Cottage School. However, it’s very frustrating to have to supplement the curriculum so heavily.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for your honest feedback, stacylwhitaker. We appreciate our customers’ opinions and would like to address some of your concerns.

      Readiness for kindergarten is critical. Memoria Press kindergarten level is the learning to read level. This means students beginning kindergarten need to have the phonemic awareness skills to be reading ready. First Start Reading takes 25 weeks introducing a letter at a time. Within each lesson students learn to recognize the letter, recognize the sound that letter makes, learn how to write with the letter and learn how to blend and read with that letter. Quite a bit of phonetic work, much of which builds phonological awareness through the pedagogy methods, is work reading rhyming word families. There is a reason to the specificity of our implementation which is tied to success with the materials.

      (Video) Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum

      FSR does include memorization of some words as a whole. But memorizing some common words is not a whole language method or a balanced literacy program that teaches whole words for memorization only and expecting intuitive understanding later without direct phonetic instruction. Our common words (there are approximately 67 in K), are taught as such because they break the phonetic rules students will learn, or contain phonetic combinations they aren’t yet ready to understand. For several of these words students are able to and are given instruction in how to decode by the end of their primary years, once their phonetic instruction is complete.

      Cheryl Lowe once said that students don’t need to know why 2+2=4, they just need to memorize that fact. The understanding comes later. We prove year after year at Highlands Latin School, following Cheryl’s sage advice, that this works. Use visuals when introducing concepts, allow students to move blocks during the introduction, even allow students to use their fingers when help is needed filling out their worksheets, but quickly move past all of these in favor of memorization.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Hegarty

    I’ve known I wanted to homeschool since my oldest was 2. Kindergarten was our first official year and after having years to research I decided to go with Memoria Press, and wow am I glad I did! The phonics program is PHENOMENAL, my child is now a certified reader. The literature picks are fantastic and I know they don’t stop at Kindergarten, they really picked gems for my children and I to read and experience together.
    I love that this curriculum has been put together intentionally and tested and tweaked, I love that I can open my curriculum manual and that is as much prep as I need to do for a normal day, they have done the work for me. I am actually sad it’s over and looking forward to doing it again with my next child!

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