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  • Social Media As part of the functionality of the Website, you may link your account with online accounts you may have with third party service providers (each such account, a “Third Party Account”) by either: (i) providing your Third Party Account login information through the Website; or (ii) allowing Company to access your Third Party Account, as is permitted under the applicable terms and conditions that govern your use of each Third Party Account. You represent that you are entitled to disclose your Third Party Account login information to Company and/or grant Company access to your Third Party Account (including, but not limited to, for use for the purposes described herein), without breach by you of any of the terms and conditions that govern your use of the applicable Third Party Account and without obligating Company to pay any fees or making Company subject to any usage limitations imposed by such third party service providers. By granting Company access to any Third Party Accounts, you understand that (i) Company may access, make available and store (if applicable) any content that you have provided to and stored in your Third Party Account (the “Social Network Content”) so that it is available on and through the Website via your account, including without limitation any friend lists, and (ii) Company may submit and receive additional information to your Third Party Account to the extent you are notified when you link your account with the Third Party Account. Depending on the Third Party Accounts you choose and subject to the privacy settings that you have set in such Third Party Accounts, personally identifiable information that you post to your Third Party Accounts may be available on and through your account on the Website. Please note that if a Third Party Account or associated service becomes unavailable or Company’s access to such Third Party Account is terminated by the third party service provider, then Social Network Content may no longer be available on and through the Website. You will have the ability to disable the connection between your account on the Website and your Third Party Accounts at any time. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR THIRD PARTY ACCOUNTS IS GOVERNED SOLELY BY YOUR AGREEMENT(S) WITH SUCH THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS. Company makes no effort to review any Social Network Content for any purpose, including but not limited to, for accuracy, legality or non-infringement, and Company is not responsible for any Social Network Content. You acknowledge and agree that Company may access your e-mail address book associated with a Third Party Account and your contacts list stored on your mobile device or tablet computer solely for the purposes of identifying and informing you of those contacts who have also registered to use the Website. At your request made via email to our email address listed below, or through your account settings (if applicable), Company will deactivate the connection between the Website and your Third Party Account and delete any information stored on Company’s servers that was obtained through such Third Party Account, except the username and profile picture that become associated with your account.

  • Health Plan The City shall provide a group comprehensive health care plan to regular employees. The City shall pay one hundred percent (100%) of the monthly cost of single coverage. The City will pay ninety-four percent (94%) of the monthly cost of family coverage and ninety-four percent (94%) of the monthly cost of 2/4 party coverage.

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  • PROGRESS AND COMPLETION 8.2.1 All time limits stated in the Contract Documents are material terms and time is the essence of the Contract. A failure by Contractor to do what is required by the time specified in the Contract Documents is a breach of the contract.

  • Health Plans All MAMP Benefit Plans that are group health plans, including health care flexible spending accounts, have been operated in compliance in all material respects with the requirements of Section 4980B of the Code and Parts 6 and 7 of Title I of ERISA, to the extent those requirements are applicable. No MAMP Benefit Plan provides (or has any obligation to provide) postretirement medical or life insurance benefits to any Service Providers, except as otherwise required under state or Federal benefits continuation Laws. No MAMP Benefit Plan that is a Welfare Plan is (i) a “multiple employer welfare arrangement” within the meaning of Section 3(40) of ERISA, or (ii) a “voluntary employees’ beneficiary association” within the meaning of 501(c)(9) of the Code or other funding arrangement for the provision of welfare benefits (such disclosure to include the amount of any such funding), or (iii) self-insured by MAMP or any MAMP Subsidiary. None of MAMP, the MAMP Subsidiaries or the MAMP Benefit Plans have failed to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its companion bill, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, to the extent applicable, whether as a matter of substantive Law or in order to maintain any intended Tax qualification, and no excise Tax, penalty, or assessable payment under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, as amended, and all regulations thereunder, including Section 4980H of the Code, is outstanding, has accrued, or has arisen with respect to any period prior to the Closing.

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  • Nepotism No person shall be employed or contracted with if a member of his or her immediate family is on the Board of Directors of the Subrecipient or is employed in an administrative capacity by the Subrecipient. For the purposes of this section, “immediate family” includes: wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in- law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, stepparent and stepchild; “administrative capacity” includes those who have selection, hiring, supervisory or operational responsibility for the program.

  • Check and complete if Transferee will take delivery of a beneficial interest in the IAI Global Note or a Restricted Definitive Note pursuant to any provision of the Securities Act other than Rule 144A or Regulation S. The Transfer is being effected in compliance with the transfer restrictions applicable to beneficial interests in Restricted Global Notes and Restricted Definitive Notes and pursuant to and in accordance with the Securities Act and any applicable blue sky securities laws of any state of the United States, and accordingly the Transferor hereby further certifies that (check one):

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility Investors and their enterprises operating within its territory of each Party shall endeavour to voluntarily incorporate internationally recognized standards of corporate social responsibility in their practices and internal policies, such as statements of principle that have been endorsed or are supported by the Parties. These principles may address issues such as labour, the environment, human rights, community relations and anti-corruption.

  • HEALTH PROGRAM 3701 Health examinations required by the Employer shall be provided by the Employer and shall be at the expense of the Employer. 3702 Time off without loss of regular pay shall be allowed at a time determined by the Employer for such medical examinations and laboratory tests, provided that these are performed on the Employer’s premises, or at a facility designated by the Employer. 3703 With the approval of the Employer, a nurse may choose to be examined by a physician of her/his own choice, at her/his own expense, as long as the Employer receives a statement as to the fitness of the nurse from the physician. 3704 Time off for medical and dental examinations and/or treatments may be granted and such time off, including necessary travel time, shall be chargeable against accumulated income protection benefits.

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  • Tests and Preclinical and Clinical Trials The studies, tests and preclinical and clinical trials conducted by or, to the Company’s Knowledge, on behalf of the Company that are described in the SEC Filings were and, if still pending, are being, conducted in all material respects in accordance with the protocols submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) or any foreign governmental body exercising comparable authority, procedures and controls pursuant to, where applicable, accepted professional and scientific standards, and all applicable laws and regulations; the descriptions of the studies, tests and preclinical and clinical trials conducted by or, to the Company’s Knowledge, on behalf of the Company, and the results thereof, contained in the SEC Filings are accurate and complete in all material respects; the Company is not aware of any other studies, tests or preclinical and clinical trials, the results of which call into question the results described in the SEC Filings; and the Company has not received any notices or correspondence from the FDA, any foreign, state or local governmental body exercising comparable authority or any Institutional Review Board requiring the termination, suspension, material modification or clinical hold of any studies, tests or preclinical or clinical trials conducted by or on behalf of the Company.

  • Medi Cal PII is information directly obtained in the course of performing an administrative function on behalf of Medi-Cal, such as determining Medi-Cal eligibility or conducting IHSS operations, that can be used alone, or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual. PII includes any information that can be used to search for or identify individuals, or can be used to access their files, such as name, social security number, date of birth, driver’s license number or identification number. PII may be electronic or paper. AGREEMENTS

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