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Graduates! Congratulations as we near the celebration of your great achievement!

The University will have our commencement ceremonies for our spring semester graduates this May 21 and May 22, 2023. More details will become available on this website as the spring semester starts. As with our most recent commencement ceremonies, Hofstra University will be following New York state's guidelines for commencements at that time. We look forward to celebrating your graduation.

Read the Commencement Brochure

From the President

I am looking forward to celebrating your graduation at our spring commencement ceremonies for baccalaureate, graduate, and law degree candidates on Sunday, May 21, and Monday, May 22, 2023, at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, located on the North Campus.

Graduation Fair

Seniors graduating Spring 2023 are invited to attend the Graduation Fair on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, and Wednesday, April 5, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Mack Student Center Atrium. On this date, you will be able to order your academic attire, schedule an appointment for your senior portrait, and order class rings. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions regarding commencement.

Share your day!

We encourage you to share this momentous day on social media using the hashtag #HofGrad and tagging the Hofstra social media accounts.


If you are a new graduate (i.e., Class of 2023), you will receive your diploma a few weeks after the end of the semester. Please be patient, as COVID-19 protocols have made the process slightly longer. If you need proof of your diploma/completion of your degree for employment or other such matters, please contact the Office of Academic Records who will be able to assist.

Commencement Eligibility

The Office of Academic Records must certify you as eligible for graduation. Any outstanding financial obligations (i.e., tuition, fees, or fines) must be paid prior to commencement. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call the Office of Academic Records at 516-463-8000 (option 2).

(Video) Information Session | 2022 Commencement

Ceremony Attendance and Academic Attire Orders

To confirm graduation ceremony attendance and order your academic attire, please visit You will be directed to the Hofstra portal. Simply follow the instructions, carefully check the order and click submit. An order confirmation will display. For the May commencement ceremonies, all orders for academic attire must be received by midnight on April 15. For the Midyear ceremony in December, all orders for academic attire must be received by midnight on November 15. Additional academic attire will be ordered for students who miss the deadline or register late. Please follow the instructions in the Academic Attire Distribution paragraph to obtain academic attire after the deadline.


Academic attire and ticket distribution will be on May 17 and 18, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., in the David S. Mack Physical Education Center (PEC) main gym. If you missed the deadline for ordering academic attire, there will be additional attire available during the scheduled academic attire and ticket distribution. If you are unable to pick up your academic attire during the scheduled distribution, your academic attire and tickets will be available for pickup one (1) hour prior to the commencement ceremony at the PEC, where all graduates will be lining up. Please check back during the fall semester for updated information.


Instructions for robing and assembly will be given to you at academic attire distribution. Please arrive at the David S. Mack Physical Education Center one hour before the ceremony to be placed in the procession. You will be instructed to line up by school. Ushers will indicate how and when you are to proceed to your seat.

If you are a student who needs support or accommodations from Student Access Services (SAS), please contact SAS prior to the ceremony at 516-463-7075.

(Video) A Life Changing Graduation Speech (Full Speech) - Brian Nhira

Diploma Information

When will I receive my diploma?
Each student will receive notification by email that their certified credential (eDiploma) is available for download through Parchment Services within four weeks of their date of conferral. After students log into Parchment and claim their eDiploma, they should receive their physical diploma in 15-20 days delivered to the address indicated in their Parchment account. Students can check if their degrees have been awarded by visiting the “View My Transcript” link in the Student Services section of the portal and looking for the Awarded status on the degree information section. If students have any questions, they can contact the Office of Academic Records and Registrar by emailing or calling 516-463-8000 (opt. 2).
How will I know if I have met all requirements for graduation?
Undergraduates may check the Degree Audit Report (DAR) to determine progress toward completion of degree requirements, in addition to speaking with an advisor. The Office of Academic Records will notify students who have applied for graduation and have not met their requirements. Students will be mailed an early warning notice indicating any requirements that are lacking.
I transferred credits to Hofstra from another University or from more than one school. Will I be eligible for honors?
If you earn at least 60 credits in residency at Hofstra University, you will be eligible to receive your baccalaureate degree with distinction. For this purpose only, if you did not take at least 82 credits in residency at Hofstra, your transfer credit GPA will be considered in conjunction with your Hofstra GPA when calculating the GPA necessary for the various honors levels.

The earned levels of distinction are: summa cum laude: 3.85 or higher;
magna cum laude: 3.75-3.84; cum laude: 3.60-3.74

How will the transfer GPA calculations affect my honors level?
Only the credits and quality points from prior schools’ courses that are accepted by Hofstra are added to the student’s Hofstra credits and quality points to determine the combined GPA. In all cases, the student’s combined GPA must equal at least 3.6 in order for a student to graduate with distinction. If the combined GPA is higher than the Hofstra GPA, the level of honors is determined by the Hofstra GPA. If the combined GPA is lower than the Hofstra GPA, the level of honors are determined by the combined GPA. The level of honors is based on the lower of the two GPAs, Hofstra’s or the combined.
Can you give me an example of transfer GPA calculations?
If you earn at least 82 credits in residency at Hofstra, only your Hofstra GPA will be considered when determining your level of distinction. If you earn between 60 and 82 credits at Hofstra, we will consider the other schools’ GPA to determine the level.

Example 1

Other schools: GPA 3.7
Hofstra: GPA 3.9
Combined: GPA 3.8
Honors:magna cum laude– Since the combined GPA is lower than the Hofstra GPA, the level of honors is determined by the combined GPA (3.8).

Example 2
Other schools: GPA 3.9
Hofstra: GPA 3.7
Combined: GPA 3.8
Honors:cum laude– Since the combined GPA is higher than the Hofstra GPA, the level of honors is determined by the Hofstra GPA (3.7).

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I am completing my graduation requirements but not attending classes. Do I need to complete any paperwork?
Students who have been granted permission to complete final semester graduation requirements while not attending classes must pay a Maintain Matriculation fee, and file a registration card during the regular registration period for their final semester.

All students are required to file an Application for Graduation in the Office of Academic Records, Room 207 Memorial Hall, in accordance with the dates below:

Undergraduate Candidates
• Candidates forMaygraduation must file by October 1. Applications received afterOctober 1are subject to a $25 fee. Applications received afterMarch 1are subject to a $50 fee.
• Candidates forAugustgraduation must file by March 1. Applications received afterMarch 1are subject to a $25 fee. Applications received afterAugust 15are subject to a $50 fee.
• Candidates forDecembergraduation must file by May 1. Applications received afterMay 1are subject to a $25 fee. Applications received afterOctober 1are subject to a $50 fee.

Graduate Candidates
• Candidates forMaygraduation must file by March 1. Applications received afterMarch 1are subject to a $25 fee.
• Candidates forAugustgraduation(no ceremony)must file by June 15 (if they are attending Summer Session I), July 15 (if they are attending Summer Session II), or August 15 (if they are attending Summer Session III). Applications received after these dates are subject to a $25 fee.

Candidates forDecembergraduation must file by October 1. Applications received afterOctober 1are subject to a $25 fee.

Students will receive information from the Commencement Office, 516-463-4346, regarding time, tickets, cap and gowns, etc.

Replacement Diplomas

  • Click here to print a Diploma Replacement Form.

Once a student has graduated from Hofstra, a replacement diploma or certificate with a name other than the name shown on the original diploma or certificate will be ordered upon request, if the student can provide proper documentation that they were entitled to use the proposed name change on or before the date of graduation.

A completed Diploma Replacement Form may be submitted to the Office of Academic Records, Room 207 Memorial Hall, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If the student does not have or cannot print out a Diploma Replacement Form, the following information may be submitted in writing:

  • Name
  • Name if different when attended
  • Student ID#
  • Degree received
  • Date degree was granted
  • Address to send diploma
  • Signature

The fee is $35. Check or money order (made payable to Hofstra University) must be sent to:

Office of Academic Records
Room 207 Memorial Hall
126 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1260

Unless the original diploma is returned, the following statement will be printed on the bottom of the replacement diploma:


Replacement diplomas require approximately six to eight weeks for printing.

(Video) 2022 University of Maine Graduate School Commencement

Photos and Flowers

Graduation Ceremony:

Island Photography has been selected by Hofstra University to photograph each graduate during the commencement ceremony. Every graduate will be photographed twice crossing the stage, first, shaking hands with Hofstra's president and, second, in front of the University flag upon exiting the stage.

You can call Island Photography at (800) 869-0908 or visitwww.islandphoto.comto register your information and ensure that you receive your proofs.

Find Out About Your Senior Portraits

Commencement Flowers

Commencement candidates and guests may visit to order flowers. These flowers will be available for pickup in front of the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex (Arena) the day or night of the commencement.

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Jan 17, 2023

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